Do You Open the Box?

Naegi really was a Christmas present to myself!

First of all, welcome to my blog! I don’t have much up right now but that’s because I don’t know what else to put up here. ^^ Well, at least not right now, keke~!

My first nendoroid is Naegi Makoto from the anime/video game Dangan Ronpa (mfc link). I pre-ordered him on Ami Ami, something I never done before – but it’s something my friends said it was going to be okay. And it was~!

I had a bit of trouble receiving him when he finally arrived to my place though.

At that time, I had to do extra training for my job (I work in a grocery store) and the employees had to go through a special training for alcohol because, well, we sell alcohol and we have pretty strict rules in my state about selling alcohol to people.

However, Chu was working that day (and since he took the car, I had to ask a friend for a ride), he wasn’t here for the mailman. I refreshed the tracker I had opened on my computer (let’s be real, we all do this) only to see that the mailman had came over. x_x; And you see, it’s a bit of a tricky situation for my boyfriend and I.

See, my boyfriend and I live together and because of certain issues from my past – and as such, he has to have his name on it. Granted, I could receive letters but I could not get packages under my name. Thankfully, since I had the tracking code on me, I called the USPS hotline and managed to track it down. I had to text my boyfriend, asking him if he could pick it up for me. I gave him the code that the operator had given me. And he picked up for me. :3

Whoo! I didn’t mean to get all wordy like that – but anyway. Throughout the time I was waiting for Naegi to be released and while he traveled from Japan to the United States, I had been trying to rack my brain on what to do with him once he arrived. After all, he’s going to be the first of (hopefully!) many others and I really want to know what I want to do with him.

I’ve seen the photos of him on MyFigureCollection and the photographers are amazing! They make him look so cute with his stand, different face plates, and everything!

Then I had to ask myself the ultimate question: do I even open the box?

I mean… There’s pros and cons to both sides of the coin.

If I kept the box closed…

  • Naegi, and the other future figures, would stay in mint condition.
  • If the time had come to where I absolutely have no choice but to sell my figures, they would possibly rise up in value.
  • All the parts that came with it would stay together – it wouldn’t get lost, stolen, destroyed, or anything awful like that.
  • Where would I even put the extra parts?
  • Not to mention, there’s maintenance to keeping a figure clean, especially after a certain amount of time.
  • Chu and I may be planning to move to another state one day. This may make our lives easier by keeping the figures in the box so when we move, we don’t have to worry about packaging it up again or… refer to my earlier point about the extra parts being lost or whatever.

But if I open the box…

  • I could actually play with my figures!
  • I could take cute photos of them and actually practice being a photographer.
  • Since I don’t go to events too often, I could use my (future) camera to take pictures of my figures.
  • I can get a nifty bin like this to keep the parts together and safe!
  • I can create different settings with my nendoroids and maybe even create a comic with them! To be honest, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was a young teen…

However, Chu is of mind that I should keep my figures in the box because of the reasons he gave me up there. I guess he has a point. Right now, we’re still trying to decide if we want to state in this state or go to the other side of the country. It’s a pretty big decision so for right now, he has a point. I’ll keep them in the box until I’m ready. And until I get a camera. ~_~ I need a new one anyway…


  1. Hello, thanks for following my blog! ^0^

    First of all, congrats for your first nendoroid!
    Well for me I always open up the box when I buy figures because I take their pictures all the time ^^; I never sell them, and I keep the parts on the boxes. Usually you just take out the nendo for display and keep the box. Maintenance is also very easy ^0^

    It did became a slight problem when I moved:

    but it’s nothing I can’t handle :P

    hope this help you make up your mind XD

    1. Thank you! ^^ I’m really excited to start this hobby! But hmmm, is it really that easy? I always imagine it’d be kinda hard… but thank you for your input. XD I really appreciate it!! :3

      1. the maintenance? new nendoroids (year 2012 and up) have very good material, you just need to clean them with brush if they get dusty, cleaning them with water is also no problem as long as you wipe them dry afterwards ^^

        they rarely get sticky, old nendoroids sometimes get sticky when you leave them in their boxes or a closed space for a long period of time but it can be washed off with soap :D

      2. Oh wow… That really is so simple!! Well! It looks like I just got a little bit more confident about collecting nens! ^^

        Thank you again. :D

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